Type of work: Corrosion protection of steel structures.

Materials: Two-component polyurethane spray coating Protegol.

ANTICOR has a vast experienced and skilled staff to apply double-component polyurethane coatings.

The coatings are applied using the airless spraying method.

We employ a highly specialised team equipped with machines suitable for the completion of coatings as well as apparatus to monitor application conditions and coating quality.

Our coatings conform to the requirements of EN 10290, DIN 30671 and DIN 30677.

Our services of application of spray-on polyurethane coatings are completed on ANTICOR’s premises, customers’ premises or directly on site.


Type of work: Corrosion protection technology for product pipes and casing pipes. 

Materials: ANTICOR Syntetix CF (Casing Filler) – technology for  protecting the carrier pipe laid in the casing pipe, by fully filling the space between this two pipes with a synthetic material of exceptional corrosion protection properties.
ANTICOR CC (Casing Closure) – is a sealing system for both ends of the casing pipe. 

ANTICOR having a qualified staff with many years of experience in the field of corrosion protection, offers products and technologies for protecting carrier pipes laid in casing pipes.

The ANTICOR Syntetix technology is used for:

  • securing the carrier pipe in the casing pipe on newly built pipeline sections,
  • repairing the insulation of the carrier pipe in the casing pipe on already used pipelines.

Syntetix masses have exceptional anticorrosive  and sealing properties. Stable properties upon operation over many years. Anticor Syntetix CF received a positive opinion from the Polish Institute of Oil and Gas, No. 02-2010-GP-2, that recommended it for use in the gas industry. ANTICOR holds a Hygienic Certificate
HK/W/0568/01/2010 issued by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene. Syntetix masses doesn´t contain components hazardous to health and the environment.