Universal duct tapes – f.e. POLYTEX 118. PE cloth tapes are used for: packaging, bundling, sealing, seaming, repairing, holding & waterproofing, plumbing and asbestos abatement applications. Strong adhesion, tear resistance and waterproof.

Synthetic sealing system for pipes and cable passes through walls and foundations – ANTICOR Seal.

Double-sided mounting tape POLYTEX 560 with high bonding force, for secure and quick fastening flat objects without using bolts, screws or nails. Particularly useful for making advertising, in the furniture industry, building & construction industry, automotive, household, etc.

Water activated fiber glass tape for quick and permanent repair POLYTEX 570. Application: repairing tools, pipes, automotive, everyday equipment, etc. In the automotive industry it can be used for temporary emergency solutions.

PVC embossed masking tape 621, UV resistant and waterproof. Protection with plastering, carpentry during joinery and painting. Effective protection during painting and making colour patterns of external walls. Masking and joining elements outside or inside buildings, suitable especially for masking during plastering.

Bristle Blaster® Industrial Electric is a surface preparation technology for various industries. It provides surface preparation grade comparable with Sa 2½ per ISO 8501, leaving a rough surface up to 120 μm.

PE Foil marking tapes for routs of steel pipelines and underground electrical power cables. They are made of high-quality polyethylene PE in colours corresponding to the colour of the network in accordance with the technical instructions K1: gas – yellow; water supply – blue; sanitary sewage system – brown, green; energy network – red, blue. PE Foil location tape 253 with stainless steel ply used for network location. The use of the correct colour for marking an underground network is very helpful for earthworks, the excavator driver can easily and quickly identify which network he is dealing with.