Permanently plastic, sealing mass ANTICOR Seal 511 for sealing and filling external and underground electrical cableboxes and cables in protection pipes, etc.

Permanently plastic, sealing mass for pipes and cable passes through walls and foundations – ANTICOR Seal 511. 

Premium quality PVC Electrical Tape, self-extinguishing, frost resistant, waterproof, UV resistant, high resistant to water, soap solutions, oils, acids, alkalis and corrosive chemicals, very elastic – ELECTRIX 200 PREMIUM. For isolation and bundling wires, repairing of damaged insulation, strengthening of insulation in automotive electrical systems.

Top quality PVC Electrical Tape – ELECTRIX 202SuperFlex, very elastic, resistant to: weather, abrasion, moisture, acids, corrosion, UV and ageing, self-extinguishing. Wrapping and waterproofing wire harnesses, repairing damaged insulation, isolation and bundling of wires, strengthening the insulation in automotive electrical systems.