A30 ANTICOR Plast 705-50PP – Monotape System


System components:

- ANTICOR Plast 745

- permanently plastic corrosion protection mass

- ANTICOR Plast 705-50PP

- plastic tape for corrosion protection and mechanical protection

System ANTICOR Plast in class A30 according to EN 12068 standard.

Holds the DVGW certificate.

Class A means low mechanical strength, while class 30 means continuous working temperature up to 30°C.

System components:

  • ANTICOR Plast 745 mass,
  • ANTICOR Plast 705-50PP (1×66%) tape.

A unique corrosion protection mass based on mineral oil, containing corrosion inhibitors, easy and fast application. Inhibitors cause the formation of a protected adsorptive layer supporting the passivation process on the surface. The oil together with corrosion inhibitors continuously penetrates the protected surface, affecting its structure. It is compounded by constant pressure of the tape on the mass. The product does not change its properties during the whole period of use (it does not harden). Works with all types of anti-corrosion insulation. It has high electrical strength.


  • 30 mm x 10 m
  • 50 mm x 10 m
  • 100 mm x 10m
  • other sizes available on individual request


  • corrosion protection of underground steel pipeline components: pipes, pipe fittings, flanges muff joints and valves.