The acquisition of DEGA PLUS by ANTICOR

The approaching end of the year is a good time to summarize ANTICOR’s activities. One of the most important projects we completed in 2022 was the acquisition of DEGA-PLUS by ANTICOR, finalized on November 16 this year.

DEGA-PLUS is a manufacturer of factory-made polyethylene insulation of polyurethane and epoxy coatings and a specialist in the application of protective coatings inside steel pipes operates. DEGA-PLUS has been operating is on the market for 30 years.

The acquisition of the company is a new chapter in the development of ANTICOR and it fits in with the strategy of the entire group.  Many years of experience, knowledge of specialists and the range of services offered by DEGA-PLUS gives ANTICOR the opportunity to expand its portfolio.

We would like to thank to all those involved in the acquisition process. We are convinced that the New Year will bring many challenges and ambitious projects which we will implement together.

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