About us

The goal of ANTICOR is to provide help in solving technical problems and to meet the needs of our customers as best as we can. Our operations are not limited to the sale and distribution of materials. Since the establishment of the company, our goal has been to “promote technical culture” through the launching of modern technologies, organisation of and participation in national and foreign conferences, provision of technical assistance, and active participation in the development of technical guidelines and standards. We provide our customers with professional advice and technical support by offering theoretical and practical training courses in the field of passive corrosion protection. We would like to help our customers achieve success and maximum benefits for themselves and their businesses by providing them with products and technologies they need.

ANTICOR products can be found not only in Poland and other European countries but also on other continents. We provide services for various sectors, such as gas, construction, electrical, waterworks, petroleum, air conditioning, and heating industry. Our materials are also widely used, for instance, in the shipbuilding, automotive, and aviation industry as well as in the construction of exhibition and congress centres and theatres. All our products have two features in common: they are of good quality, and they fully meet relevant requirements. ANTICOR materials are indispensable wherever there is a need for anti-corrosion or other types of insulation or it is necessary to seal, fasten, bundle, etc. components.

We are proud that ANTICOR has been an annual winner of the prestigious prize in the SOLIDNA FIRMA (RELIABLE COMPANY) consumer competition for over a dozen years. It is the evidence of our integrity, commitment to customers, employees, and state institutions as well as care for the environment, which has become our philosophy. Continuing work on self-improvement and development of our products is our driving force.

The fundamental goal lying behind all our activities is our desire to help customers achieve the maximum benefits for themselves and success on the market thanks to ANTICOR products.

Satisfaction of our customers is our priority.