We are a supplier of specialised paint coatings for industrial painting of pipes. We supply factory paint insulation.

We offer painting service of internal surfaces of black and insulated pipes and the application of external coatings to protect above-ground pipelines against corrosion. We have many years of experience, confirmed by references, in painting pipelines operating in various environments, including those with very high humidity and aggressive atmospheres. We paint with epoxies, zinc paints, ethyl silicates and topcoats in the full RAL colour range.

We also offer internal and external paint insulation of steel fittings and welded joints on construction sites. Provides external and internal corrosion protection of above-ground pipeline components.


  • Reliable protection against corrosion
  • Ideal adaptation to the operating conditions
  • Prefabricated insulation – outstanding strength and durability
  • Possibility to cover the joints, on the job-site, after welding
  • High aesthetic value
Standard/Norm PN-EN ISO 12944, PN-EN 10301, API RP 5L2
Pipe diameters for external painting 33.7 mm – 1 420.0 mm
Pipe diameters for internal painting 60.3 mm – 1 420.0 mm
Pipe length 6.0 m – 14.0 m
Insulation thickness, other parameters According to standards, project data and detailed arrangements
Type of paint insulation In accordance with the project or order
Range of diameters of fittings  Unlimited


Internal paint coatings are used to paint the internal surfaces of black and insulated pipes. They are used for:

  • Gas pipelines
  • Drinking water pipelines
  • Industrial water and waste water pipes
  • Fuel and industrial pipelines in refineries and other chemical plants
  • Protective casing pipes

External paint coatings are used to paint the external surfaces of pipes. They provide corrosion protection for above-ground installations:

  • Water pipes
  • Gas pipelines
  • Pipelines in power plants
  • Fire protection pipelines
  • Chimneys
  • Fuel pipelines for petrol stations and refineries
  • Other industrial pipelines with operating temperatures from -70˚C to +600˚C
  • Protective casing pipes

Corrosivity categories according to ISO 12944 for structures in water or soil:


Im1 Freshwater river installations, hydroelectric power plants
Im2 Salt/sea water (without cathodic protection), harbour areas, structures such as locks and jetties, coastal structures
Im3 Soil, underground tanks, piles, pipelines
Im4 Salt/sea water (with cathodic protection), harbour areas, structures such as locks and jetties, coastal structures


Atmospheric-corrosivity categories Examples of external environments Examples of interior environments
C1 – very low Heated buildings with clean atmosphere, offices, shops, schools, hotels
C2 – low Atmosphere with low level of pollution, mainly rural areas Unheated buildings where condensation can occur, halls, warehouses, sports halls, supermarket halls
C3 – medium Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulfur dioxide pollution. Coastal areas with low salinity. Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution, e.g. food plants, laundries, breweries, production halls, dairies
C4 – high Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity Chemical plants, swimming pools, coastal ship- and boatyards
C5 – very high industrial Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere, coastal areas with high salinity Buildings and areas with almost permanent condensation and high pollution
CX – extreme Industrial areas with extreme air humidity and aggressive atmosphere, as well as subtropical and tropical atmosphere Buildings and areas with almost permanent condensation and an aggressive atmosphere



At the customer’s request, it is possible to carry out painting insulation on pipe sections shorter than 6 m and with a diameter greater than 1 420 mm. We will be happy to help you choose the optimum type of pipe insulation, fittings or welded joints and prepare a fully dedicated solution.

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