POLYETHYLENE INSULATION to protect pipes below the ground against corrosion. 

We offer a wide range of external poliethylene insulation – 3LPE SYNERGY system for steel pipes. Insulation of steel pipes is an excellent method to increase their lifetime by increasing resistances to corrosion, mechanical damage and chemical or thermal factors.
In our offer you will find a wide range of polyethylene insulations for steel pipes with diameters ranging from 33.7 mm to 1220 mm and lengths from 6 m to 14 m.
We have many years of experience in insulating the outer surfaces of pipelines, proven by numerous references. We also supply polyethylene insulation for various steel parts.

We are a manufacturer of high-quality corrosion protection insulation for protecting steel fittings and welded joints on construction sites.


  • Insulation of water pipes
  • Insulation of gas pipes
  • Insulation of waste water pipes and pipes in sewage treatment plants
  • Insulation of fuel pipes, industrial pipelines in refineries, petrol stations and other chemical plants
  • Insulation of other industrial pipelines with operating temperatures from -70˚C to +50˚C
  • Protective pipe insulation


  • Reliable corrosion protection for pipelines below the ground
  • Increased resistance to mechanical damage
  • Excellent adhesion to the pipe surface
  • Lifetime of coatings up to 50 years
  • Complete protection of the welding zone of insulated pipes
  • Bending of insulated steel pipes is possible without risk of damage

Polyethylene insulation for pipes protection:

Standard/Norm PN-EN 12068:2002
Diameter of the pipe 33.7 mm – 1 220.0 mm
Length of the pipe 6.0 m – 14.0 m
Thickness of insulation Class A50 – 1.1 mm
Class B50 – 1.7 mm
Class C50 – 2.4-3.0 mm
Tightness test of the coating High-voltage defectoscope method
5 kV + 5 kV/mm thickness max 20 kV


At the customer’s request, it is possible to provide insulation on pipe sections shorter than 6 m and with a diameter greater than 1220 mm. We will be happy to help you to choose the optimum type of steel pipe insulation and select the optimum type of insulation for fittings or welded joints. As a manufacturer, we can prepare a fully dedicated solution for you and prepare a fully dedicated solution.

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