We have qualified staff and many years of experience in the anti-corrosion protection industry. We offer products and technologies for protecting service pipes in the Casing Filler casing pipe system. This technology consists in tightly filling the space with ANTICOR Syntetix® Casing Filler material. It is the most effective solution to prevent corrosion of steel pipelines in steel casings. After the ANTICOR Syntetix® Casing Filler material is injected into the inter-pipe space, the access of water and oxygen is completely eliminated, which are the direct cause of corrosion processes on the operated pipeline, and also cause internal corrosion of the casing pipe.

ANTICOR Syntetix® CF – is a material with anticorrosive properties. Protects against chemical and electrochemical corrosion. Contains stress corrosion cracking (SCC) inhibitors and antioxidants. The use of a special formula of synthetic products allowed for high adhesion to steel and plastic surfaces. It does not contain substances harmful to health and the environment.

ANTICOR Syntetix Casing Filler is intended for corrosion protection of gas pipeline crossings through terrain obstacles in underground casing pipes, both in the case of newly built and existing pipes. In the case of existing exceedances, where a galvanic connection of the service pipe with the casing pipe was found, the filling mass introduced into the inter-pipe space is a means of inhibiting the corrosion progress of the service pipe. The filling mass is introduced into the inter-tube space to fill it completely. Thanks to this, soil electrolyte cannot get into the inter-pipe space. The ends of the casing pipe should be secured in a tight and durable manner – in the Casing Closure technology, so that the filling mass during application and use after application does not escape into the environment.


  • Securing the service pipe in the casing pipe on newly built sections of pipelines
  • Repairing of the service pipe insulation in the casing pipe on used pipelines


  • The most effective and cheapest method of repairing an electrolytic short in a protective tube
  • Tightly fills the space between the pipes, eliminating residual water, oxygen and moisture
  • Perfectly protects against stray currents
  • Contains additives that improve functional properties, eg corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, etc.
  • Does not contain ingredients harmful to health and the environment
  • Protects against corrosion inside the protective tube
  • Insulates against the penetration of corrosive agents
  • Reduces costs associated with cathodic protection of pipelines
  • Has stable properties during many years of operation
  • Does not harden, does not crumble, stays flexible forever and retains optimal sealing properties

ANTICOR Syntetix CF mass has special anti-corrosion and sealing properties. It retains its parameters throughout the entire period of use. It has a Technical Recommendation and a National Technical Assessment issued by the Oil and Gas Institute, classifying the product as safe. ANTICOR Syntetix Casing Filler is not in any state of aggregation: explosive, flammable, toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, harmful, corrosive, irritating, allergenic, dangerous for the environment, dangerous for living organisms, a substance with oxidizing properties.

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