A30 ANTICOR Plast 701-40 – Two-Tape-System

System ANTICOR Plast in class A30 according to EN 12068 standard.

Holds the certificate of the DVGW Institute and the attestation of the National Institute of Hygiene.

Class A means low mechanical strength, while class 30 means continuous working temperature up to 30°C.

System components:

  • ANTICOR Plast 745 mass,
  • ANTICOR Plast 701-40 (2×50%) inner tape,
  • ANTICOR Plast 732-08 (1×50%) outer tape.

The components of ANTICOR Plast system are produced on the basis of mineral products. They contains also anticorrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, and a package of special additives which improve adhesion to steel and plastics surface. The ANTICOR Plast system has been tested in foreign laboratories and in the Protective Coating Laboratory of the DVGW Cert GmbH, receiving a positive opinion. An additional distinguishing feature of  ANTICOR Plast products is a pleasant, delicate smell which increase a comfort during application.

Based on our experience, we can estimate the necessary amount of material needed to insulate the surface. As a result, no additional costs occure.


  • ANTICOR Plast 745 mass (2 kg),
  • ANTICOR Plast 701-40 inner tape (30 mm x 10 m, 50 mmm x 10 m, 100 mm x 10m),
  • ANTICOR Plast 732-08 outer tape (50 mm x 20 m),
  • other sizes available on individual request.


  • corrosion protection of underground steel pipeline components: pipes, pipe fittings, flanges muff joints and valves,
  • insulation of underground lightning connections and grounding installations against electrochemical corrosion,
  • insulation of underground steel tanks,
  • insulation of underground concrete and reinforced concrete tanks,
  • insulation of piles,
  • steel structures, resistance poles, current poles, high voltage poles, telephone poles, rods, electrical boxes, cable connections,
  • renovation works on pipelines.