ANTICOR Sp. z o.o. specialises in:

  • providing modern materials, corrosion protection technologies and equipment for specialized applications in various industries,
  • supply of insulation materials to the electrical engineering, HVAC, construction, automotive, gas, petrochemical, water, sewage and other industries,
  • adding anti-corrosion protections and coatings,
  • conducting theoretical and practical training courses at the customer’s premises in the field of proper use of the materials, products and technologies offered.

The main objective of the Company is to provide our customers with materials and services related to the construction and repair of pipelines for various branches of industry and to assist in solving technical problems related to anticorrosion protection. We make sure that our products meet the expectations of the customer as well as complying with and meeting the requirements of the law. As an employer, we ensure a good and friendly working atmosphere, as well as the health and safety of our employees by treating them as paramount.

The company guarantees punctuality, reliability, culture and kindness in customer contacts and service.

The satisfaction and trust of the customer in the quality of products while maintaining a high level of health and safety at work is a prerequisite for the operation and development of the Company.

The Company sets itself the overriding objectives of quality and health and safety at work:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided, through punctuality, reliability and flexibility,
  • strengthening the Company’s position on the market,
  • expanding the assortment of products to attract customers,
  • continuous monitoring of the IMS processes implemented,
  • the obligation to comply with legal provisions,
  • developing and implementing efficient and environmentally safe working methods and processes,
  • prevention of accidents at work, occupational illnesses and potential accidents.

The above objectives are achieved through:

  • maintenance and continuous development of the Integrated Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015, PN-N 18001:2004 standards in order to improve its effectiveness,
  • meeting customer requirements, applicable standards and legal regulations concerning quality, health and safety at work and periodic conformity assessment,
  • increasing the Company’s resources in the area of products with the use of modern techniques,
  • improving the Company’s image by taking care of its surroundings, protecting the natural environment and constant improvement of occupational health and safety,
  • striving for conscious and responsible action and commitment of employees to quality, health and safety at work, through systematic training of employees to improve their qualifications and sense of satisfaction with their work and effective motivation,
  • conducting a broad dialogue with employees and all interested parties on the Company’s undertakings for quality, and health and safety at work,
  • model management actions and the involvement of all employees in programmes to improve working conditions,
  • constant monitoring of the market and responding to the needs and proposals made by customers,
  • systematic analysis of customer satisfaction,
  • periodic review of the objectives and programmes and the effectiveness of the IMS.  

All employees are responsible for the quality of products, reliability and sense of responsibility in cooperation with customers, and health and safety of themselves and their co-workers.

Top management accepts responsibility for the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, undertakes to ensure resources, its continuous improvement, and ensures that the content of IMS Policy decisions is known, understood, observed in the Company, and available to interested parties.

Chief Executive Officer


1st Edition, 09-04-2018