Gas Engineering

ANTICORWrap/POLYKEN – System ANTICOR Wrap – PE tape coatings in B and C classes meet EN 12068 and are designed for anticorrosion coating of: steel pipes, welded joints, pipe fittings, bends, etc.

Corrosion protection plastic tape coatings on basis of petrolatum – ANTICOR Plast – corrosion protection of T joints, flanges and muff joints, pipe fittings, joints and valves and as an insulation of underground lightning connections.

ANTICORRay WSS60 – heat-shrinkable sleeve for corrosion protection of welded joints on buried and above-ground steel pipelines.

ANTICORRay REP – a rapair system for repairing losses and damages of factory insulation on steel pipelines. The entire repair system complies with requirements regarding complete insulation and allows for reproducing three-layer factory-coating.

Protegol® UR- Coating 32-55 (spray) or (manual) – double-component polyurethane coatings. The coatings are applied using the solvent-free, airless spraying method. The coatings are suitable for a number of applications as anticorrosion protection of external and internal surfaces: pipes, fittings, valves, tanks, sewers made from steel or cast iron.

Special Cover Coatings – ANTICOR Syntetx Magnum – synthetic sealing and corrosion protection mass for insulation of a flange joints.

Compact spark flaw detectors with accessories are used to check the tightness of insulation coatings applied on conductive substrates, including concrete. They are ideal to test the tightness of tank, pipeline, fitting coatings.
Device types: DC15 up to 15 kV, DC30 up to 30 kV and DC60 up to 60 kV.

A Pneumatic and Electric surface preparation technology for surface preparation grade comparable with Sa 2 ½. Bristle Blaster® Industrial Pneumatic is ATEX approved for use in Zone 1 (potentially explosive) atmospheres in accordance with Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X.

Aluminio 374 – adhesive coatings made from aluminium laminate effectively protect against UV radiation, ozone and other weather conditions. The coatings are characterised by excellent resistance to mechanical damages. They are suitable for use as protective linings to cover anticorrosion insulation of overhead steel pipelines.