ANTICOR Syntetix Magnum

System components:

- ANTICOR Syntetix Magnum

- sealing mass

- Aluminio 374 Laminate

- mechanical protection

ANTICOR Syntetix® Magnum is a synthetic material with sealing properties.  It contains stress corrosion cracking (SCC) inhibitors, and prevents corrosion of the coated components. The material is characterised by good adhesion to steel, plastic surfaces and paint coatings.

ANTICOR Syntetix® Magnum preserves its properties in the whole range of temperature from –25 to 45ºC. It does not contain any chemicals hazardous for human health or the natural environment.

Application by using a gun that allows dosing the material into inter-pipe spaces. In the case of  above-ground insulation of flange connections, an aluminum laminate should be applied – Aluminio 374 with a light tension, to provide mechanical protection and protection against UV radiation. Properly engineered technology guarantees anti-corrosion protection of the surface inside the flange connection.