Self adhesive, Self-amalgamating polyisobutylene based medium voltage tape possessing excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties, self-fusing, thickness 0,76 mm, resistant to deterioration, waterproof, applied with 100% elongation. Especially suitable for the insulation of very thin wires in areas with poor access.


  • 19 mm x 3,5 m,
  • 19 mm x 7,5 m,
  • 25 mm x 7,5 m,
  • 50 mm x 7,5 m,
  • other sizes available on individual request.


  • For insulating and jacketing of splices on power cable up to 45kV,
  • For building stress cones and jacketing of terminations on power cable up to 35kV,
  • Moisture seal for telephone joints and other waterproofing needs,
  • Insulates and protects bus components,
  • Providing water-tight wire connections for water-supply systems, water pumps and repairs of other operating devices in an aqueous medium etc.