Warning and location tapes with overprint and

a stainless steel insert (10 mm).



  • In the gas industry for marking the course of gas pipeline routes, available in yellow.
  • In the power industry for marking cable routes, available in blue (up to 1 kV) and red (above
    1 kV). The colours and thickness of the tapes used to mark power networks are consistent with the standards depending on the rated voltage of the network.
  • In water supply and sewage systems for marking the water supply or sewage network for early warning of the existence of the above-mentioned network, available in blue and brown.
  • In telecommunications for marking and locating telecommunications cables, available in orange and with an imprint:  ATTENTION TELECOMMUNICATION CABLE,  ATTENTION FIBER OPTIC CABLE,  ATTENTION OPTOTELECOMMUNICATION CABLE.
  • For district heating, for marking the district heating network, available in yellow and purple with imprint ATTENTION HEATING PIPES.